Cabinet and Committees

Provost's Cabinet

The Provost's Cabinet is the academic affairs group that advises the Provost on academic issues, faculty issues, and student issues, including enrollment planning; student success and student services; curricular issues; research issues, and the necessary resources (budgetary, capital and human) to accomplish academic affairs. This group is charged with generally fostering excellence in the academic programs of the university. It is composed of all academic deans (BCOE, CHASS, CNAS, GSOE, SOBA, SOM, SPP, Extension and Graduate Division), as well as the Associate Provost, University Librarian, the Chair of the Academic Senate, the Vice Provost of Academic Personnel, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development.

This Council meets once a month and is chaired by the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor.

Ethics & Compliance Risk and Audit Controls (ECRAC) Committee

The UCR Ethics and Compliance Risk & Audit and Controls Committee provides campus oversight to the UC Ethics and Compliance Program and is advisory to the SVP/Chief Compliance and Audit Officer through the UC Ethics and Compliance Risk Council.  The Committee continues its current activities with respect to Audit and Controls responsibilities.

The Committee is co-chaired by the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor and the Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Compliance Officer (AVC & CCO), meets at least quarterly, and maintains a quorum (defined as a majority of members present) for at least 90% of the scheduled meetings on an annual basis.

The Committee comprises senior campus leadership responsible for various areas of campus compliance risks, academic leadership, audits, controls and one or more members of the UC Office of Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services.  Committee members may not delegate their committee responsibilities, including their meeting attendance responsibility, to anyone.  The Committee is charged with the following, including but not limited to:

•    Responsibility and support for the overall Program as it relates to the campus, including implementation, performance metrics and ongoing campus processes of the Program
•    Encouraging an awareness of compliance and open lines of communication throughout the campus
•    Monitoring the effectiveness and consistency of compliance practices throughout the campus
•    Developing risk assessment processes for campus use in identifying and mitigating high risk compliance areas
•    Advising on the need for campus-specific guidance documents, education materials, and training courses, monitoring the compliance environment as it relates to specific risk areas and recommending compliance policies and best practices for systemwide implementation
•    Reporting compliance risk areas of high priority and proposed risk mitigation activities to the Council, both on an ad hoc basis, and through formal quarterly and annual campus compliance reports

Advisory Committee on Campus Art

Campus Public Art can enrich the cultural life of UCR students, faculty, staff, and the general public. It also enhances the role of the campus in teaching, conducting research, and engaging in public service. The University is a national leader in higher education and campus art should reflect this high standard. As such UCR welcomes and encourages proposals for public art that will enhance the campus setting and complement its buildings, grounds, and natural features. The University seeks to exhibit fine art in a variety of media and styles, including: three-dimensional works of art, sculptural forms, bas-reliefs, sculptural adornment of buildings or structures, two-dimensional art, and landscaping. Through these forms of art, UCR strives to memorialize important aspects of University tradition and campus culture, while also creating enjoyment for the campus community and the general public.

The Advisory Committee on Campus Art (ACCA) is charged with defining a vision and priorities for Public Art at the University of California, Riverside. It is concerned with the solicitation, acquisition, and placement of public art. The committee includes faculty, staff, and students.

Submission Process

To better understand the submission process, please review the Guide to Public Art Submission and the submission form.
UC Riverside hopes to host a wide variety of art installations on campus, and accepts proposals of the following types of art, each of which has a specific form and/process for submission and approval:
•    Temporary Art –art on loan for one or more years
•    Donations, gifts, bequests
•    Commissions and purchases –submitted via Request for Proposal (RFP)

2018-19 Roster

•    Milagros Peña, Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (Co-Chair)
•    Peter Hayashida, Vice Chancellor, Advancement (Co-Chair)
•    Ward P Beyermann, Associate Professor of Physics
•    Semi Cole, ASUCR President
•    Catherine Gudis, Associate Professor of History
•    James Isermann, Professor of Art
•    Mariam Lam, Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Inclusion
•    Cindy Larive, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (ex officio)
•    Charles Long, Professor of Art
•    Jacqueline Norman, Campus Architect
•    Tim Lithgow, Graduate Student Association Representative
•    Crystal Petrini, Staff Assembly Representative
•    Uma Ramasubramanian, Principal Physical Planner
•    Emily Rankin, Director of Development, CHASS
•    Kyle Stafford, ASUCR Representative
•    Committee support, Erin Schuster, Executive Assistant, University Advancement