University of California, Riverside

Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Provost/EVC Roles & Responsibilities

The Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor is responsible for managing the daily operations of the UC Riverside campus; developing academic and administrative policies; and working closely with the Chancellor, the chair of the Academic Senate, and the Deans of UCR's colleges, schools, and divisions to formulate and realize campus goals.

Organizational Leadership

As the chief academic officer, the Provost supports the Chancellor in all ways, particularly with a focus on the academic growth, integrity, and performance of the campus. Provost Larive oversees four vice provost units that support the office's mission: Academic Personnel, Administrative Resolution, International Affairs and Undergraduate Education. The initiatives and activities of these organizations support the work of the Deans and Vice Chancellors in their own programs to accomplish the Chancellor's goals.

Academic Leadership

The Provost serves as an advocate and mentor for the Deans. A dean is the administrative head of a college or school and is responsible for providing academic leadership to the faculty; carrying out program improvements in teaching, research, and public service; and for student matters, such as academic advising, student relations, and in some cases admissions. Deans report to the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor. UCR Deans participate in decision making with the Provost through Deans Council and frequently through participation on task forces and other committees designed to address campus goals.

At UC Riverside, a dean:

  • Oversees all aspects of the school, college, or division's teaching, research, and public service missions.
  • Provides leadership to the academic planning for the school, college, or division and oversees implementation of the plan.
  • Allocates and manages resources for the school, college, or division, including staff and faculty, physical facilities, and budget. The dean also develops budget requests within in the context of the academic plan.
  • Serves as the chief fundraiser for the school, college, or division, and as the focal point for all external relations, such as community, media, industry, and government.
  • Maintains oversight for student-related issues, including academic advising, student relations, and special programs or initiatives to promote student success.
  • Reviews academic personnel files and makes recommendations for action, such as recruitment, retention, merit, and promotion. The dean serves as final authority on appointment of faculty at the assistant professor I, II, and III levels.
  • Develops and implements plans for ensuring diversity among staff, faculty, and students, and for creating a healthy climate in accordance with the Regents' statement of principles adopted in September 2007. Deans are accountable to the Chancellor for the implementation of this plan.
  • Ensures compliance with system-wide and campus policies, including Academic Senate regulations.
  • Represents the college, school, or division to the campus administration. The dean participates in campus-wide policy and program decisions through membership in the Deans Council.

Academic Senate

The Provost/EVC's Office is the channel for all communication between the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor and the Academic Senate – Riverside Division. The Academic Senate is the independent organized body representing the faculty in the University of California system and at each campus as part of UC's shared governance structure. Shared governance at the University of California entails a balance of faculty, staff, and student input and accountability in the planning and decision-making processes. The Provost holds a special relationship with the Academic Senate – Riverside Division as it meets its responsibilities of determining academic policy, overseeing admissions, supervising curricula and courses, and advising on faculty appointments, merits and promotions. For more information, visit the Academic Senate website.

Planning and Budget

The Provost is largely involved in campus planning and budget processes and provides support to the Chancellor in important budgetary decisions. For more information on UC Riverside's budget status and planning and budget process, please visit the following websites:

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