Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development Search

This search has been closed. For more information, see the Chancellor's update here. Thanks to the search committee and the campus for their engagement in the process.

Search Advisory Committee

Committee Chair: Kathryn Uhrich, CNAS Dean and Professor of Chemistry (contact info: 
Alexander Balandin, Distinguished Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Krassimir Bozhilov, Director, Central Facility for Advanced Microscopy & Microanalysis
Sandra Brown, Vice Chancellor for Research, UC San Diego
Katayoon Dehesh, Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences
Melvin Martinez, Associated Students UCR Student Representative
Rosibel Ochoa, Associate Vice Chancellor, Technology Partnerships
Maurizio Pellecchia, Professor, Biomedical Sciences
Shawn Ragan, Graduate Student Association President
Roseanne Rosenthal, Diversity Council Student Representative
Cindy Roth, President, Riverside Chambers of Commerce
Aaron Seitz, Professor, Psychology
Jennifer Talbot, Graduate School of Education Analyst, Staff Assembly Representative
Kiril Tomoff, CHASS Associate Dean and Professor of History

Contact Information

For questions regarding this search, please contact:

Zachary A. Smith
Deputy Managing Partner 
949-851-5070 (office)  

Beth Claassen Thrush
Project Policy Analyst
Office of the Chancellor
951-827-1122 (office)