Provost Faculty Leadership Program

UCR faculty members encounter leadership opportunities every day, ranging from formal positions in professional societies, research centers, departments and standing committees, to coordinating large grant submissions and navigating challenging topics during faculty meetings. But faculty members rarely have an opportunity to focus on developing leadership skills.

The Provost Faculty Leadership Program (PFLP) is a 10-month program that provides a conceptual framework on leadership to a small cohort of faculty members. The program is designed for emerging leaders who are relatively inexperienced in formal leadership and for those who want to become more effective leaders in less formal roles.

The Provost Faculty Leadership program is paused for the time being. 

PFLP Session Topics:

  •     What is the University?
  •     Career Mapping
  •     Academic Budgeting
  •     Negotiation Techniques
  •     Organizational Citizenship
  •     Leading Change and Innovation
  •     Conflict Management
  •     Effective Communication
  •     Collaboration in a Diverse Community

UCR Faculty Leadership Board of Advisors:

  •     Elaine Wong, Associate Professor, School of Business, PFLP Alum
  •     Eddie Comeaux, Associate Professor, GSOE, PFLP Alum
  •     Mariam Lam, Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Inclusion
  •     Declan McCole, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, PFLP Alum
  •     Tanya Nieri, Associate Professor, Sociology, PFLP Alum
  •     Marko Princevac, Interim Associate Dean, BCOE, PFLP Alum
  •     Karthick Ramakrishnan, Associate Dean, SPP
  •     Dylan Rodriguez, Chair of Academic Senate
  •     Ameae Walker, Vice Provost, Academic Personnel
  •     Gillian Wilson, Professor, Physics and Astronomy, PFLP Alum

Provost Faculty Leadership Program Cohorts

  • 2017-2018

  • 2016-2017