Predictive Analytics

Supporting data-driven decision making across campus

The transition to the Banner student information system and related integrations, including the Degree Works degree audit system, has enabled a foundation for new data-driven efforts related to student success and timely progress to degree. Through the use of the Civitas Illume and EduNav SmartPlan solutions, campus leaders, advisors and students will make more informed and strategic choices in their academic decisions.

Civitas Illume: Civitas Illume is a predictive analytics platform that uses student information system data and historical performance data to help identify segments of the student population that are predicted to persist through their degree at lower rates than their peers, and to help design targeted interventions to assist these students. For instance, by identifying part-time STEM majors who have a low persistence prediction and have not enrolled for Fall by the end of the Summer midterm, advisors are able to focus time reaching out to those students to assist with their enrollment before the Fall term begins. 

Example of Civitas