Enrollment Management

In fall 2017, Enrollment Management moved from Student Affairs to the Office of the Provost in order to better align UCR's enrollment efforts with the academic enterprise.

Campus Enrollment Management Council

The Provost chairs the Campus Enrollment Management Council which brings together campus offices to ensure incoming classes are distributed appropriately and have access to necessary courses. This council consists of the Provost, Associate Provost, Academic Deans, Associate Deans of Academic Affairs, Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services, and staff from the Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education offices. 

Provost's Standing Committees

2:1 Freshmen to Transfer Student Ratio


Transfer Students

The May 2017 California state budget revise withheld $50 million in UC funding pending the “demonstration of a good faith effort” by UC Riverside and UC Santa Cruz to achieve a 2:1 ratio of incoming California resident freshmen to transfer students “by taking all possible actions.”

To accomplish this goal Undergraduate Admissions is working hard to connect with potential students, and we are doing more to make UCR a transfer-friendly campus. We held a special convocation for new transfer students, created the Transfer Zone in the Academic Resource Center (ARC), and provide support for transfer students as they transition to UCR through peer mentor programs. We have connected with 400 community college instructors and faculty with UCR connections (including many alumni), to enlist their help encouraging students to consider UC Riverside. UCR Departments and faculty can help us achieve our transfer admissions goal by strengthening connections with community college faculty and by conducting outreach with potential transfer students on our campus or at the community college.

In 2016-17, the UCR ratio of freshmen/transfers was 4.46. For fall 2018, that ratio is expected to be 2.58-1 and by winter 2019, 2.25-1. This has been a total campus effort and the release of the $50 million in the May 2018 budget revise is a credit to that team effort.

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