Course Scheduling Policy 

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For up to date information on the Course Scheduling Committee, please visit their website.

In response to concerns about changes to the course scheduling policy for 2016-2017, the Provost has convened a work group chaired by Associate Provost Ken Baerenklau to identify campus concerns and provide recommendations.

  • Campus growth producing excess demand for classroom space during prime hours
  • Labor intensive process to schedule classes; perceptions of inequity in the process
  • Course Demand Workgroup recommended changes to the scheduling policy intended to facilitate the process and promote greater equity
  • Provost approved recommended changes, registrar implemented for winter 2017 scheduling
  • Inherent reshuffling of classes created conflicts and frustration among faculty and department chairs
  • Department chairs asked to revisit the policy again
Committee charge
  1. Develop recommendations to modify/improve the existing course scheduling policy, in particular to facilitate student progress toward degree
  2. Consider changing class start times to top/bottom of the hour to align with administrative meeting schedules
  3. Identify additional scheduling issues in need of attention in the longer-term, and recommend next steps

The group has administered both a student and a faculty survey about the experience of course scheduling during this academic year. You can find summaries of those surveys after the links.

Course Scheduling Committee:

Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost
Bracken Dailey, Registrar
Connie Nugent, Divisional Dean for Student Affairs (CNAS)
Alicia Arrizon, Associate Dean for Student Affairs (CHASS)
Marko Princevac, Associate Dean for Student Affairs (BCOE)
Elaine Wong, Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Program (Business)
Kurt Schwabe, Associate Dean (SPP)
Louie Rodriguez, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education (GSOE)
Kathy Redd, GSAC & EMC Director and Student Services Advisor (CNAS)
Ryan Lipinski, Divisional Financial Administrative Officer (CHASS)
Academic Senate Representatives (2), TBD

Course Scheduling Policy Work group Report

Report Review: Course Scheduling Policy Work group Report