Strategic Initiatives

The Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor is responsible for a broad portfolio of initiatives and ongoing projects related to the academic enterprise. Major current and upcoming projects are categorized as Student Initiatives, Faculty Initiatives, or Campus Planning Initiatives. Scroll to learn more about major current and upcoming projects in those categories.

Strategic Planning

UCR is currently engaged in strategic planning and The Office of the Provost manages a separate website ( that provides information on the planning process, how to get involved, and the interim outcomes of strategic planning.

In brief, the strategic planning process is based on the work of committees with representatives from across campus. Committees explore a variety of topics related to strategic planning in higher education by engaging deeply with the community and analyzing input from stakeholders. Each committee will write a report on their topic that considers a set of cross-cutting themes. The Strategic Planning Committee will pull together all committee reports and public feedback to draft the first full version of the Strategic Plan. The first draft will also be posted for public feedback before being published in its final form. For more detail on this process and timeline visit

Student Initiatives

Every unit on campus contributes to student success and achievement and the initiatives listed below represent a selection of those initiatives where the Office of the Provost is a major partner. Click the links below to learn more about our ongoing efforts to improve opportunities, access, and the success of our students.

Faculty Initiatives

UCR is proud of its outstanding faculty who conduct world-class research and foster an innovative and inclusive learning environment for our students. Click the links below to learn more about initiatives to support our dynamic and growing faculty.