University of California, Riverside

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

Working with the Chancellor

As the chief academic officer for UCR, the EVCP supports the chancellor in all ways, especially with a focus to the academic growth, integrity, and performance of the campus. EVCP Rabenstein has three vice provost units that support the office’s mission: Undergraduate Education, Academic Personnel, and Conflict Resolution. The initiatives and activities of these organizations are the execution arm of the chancellor and EVCP and support the work of the deans and vice chancellors in their own programs to accomplish the chancellor’s goals.

EVCP Rabenstein follows three guidelines for structuring his office. Every personnel and organizational decision should:

• Grow and support student success
• Nurture and promote diversity and excellence
• Build the infrastructure necessary to support a major research university

The Office of the EVCP often acts as an incubator for major campus initiatives. During the past three years, the CEVCP core office has set up the Palm Desert Graduate Center, the Office of Campus Counsel, the Office of Executive Searches, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and the School of Medicine Planning Office.

If you would like to see details about how the office is working to advance the campus’ goals, you can read a recent planning document issued by our office.

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